Good Samaritan who returned wedding rings getting surprise gift of a new smile

If Esther Daniel looks familiar, it’s probably because she is the woman who found a pair of wedding rings in the parking lot of a Raleigh Walmart last month and set out to reunite the rings with the rightful owner. We were there when she returned the rings to the overjoyed woman who lost them. On Thursday morning, our cameras were at Absolute Dental in Durham, where Daniel got a surprise she never saw coming – the gift of a new smile. Watch the video for her reaction.

In April, DENTSPLY Implants hosted its annual ATLANTIS Super Elite Laboratory group in Nashville, Tennessee.

During the 2-day event, participants were provided with corporate updates and presentations from fellow laboratory colleagues including David Johnson from D & S Dental Laboratory, Conrad Rensburg from Absolute Dental Services, and Kurtis Helm from Helm Dental Laboratory.