Dental Ceramist Near Me

Taking Care of Your Teeth and Find a Dental Ceramist Near Me

Once your new dental restoration work is done in Durham, NC by a dental ceramist near me, you can start to reclaim your smile and overall health. There are some things you need to do in order to keep the work you had done in excellent condition for years to come.

The lifetime of your dental restoration will depend on how well it is cared for. Since restorative treatments can be a huge investment of your money and time, proper at-home care is necessary.

Ask about a mouthguard. After all the work your dental ceramist near me did to create your implant, dentures, crowns, or bridges, you want to protect your teeth from a sudden impact caused by a blow to the face or mouth. By wearing a mouthguard when you participate in any type of high-intensity sport, you can keep your restoration and mouth safe from any harm. Your dentist may be able to custom fit one for your mouth to ensure protection.

Keep gums and teeth clean. Oral hygiene becomes even more important to maintain the integrity of the teeth. Continue brushing and flossing to keep gums and teeth healthy. This should be combined with routine checkups with your dentist.

Absolute Dental Services also provides screw retained restorations with ASA, or Angulated Screw Access. This is a great system of tooth restoration that also allows for easy and thorough cleaning, which of course is highly important. Ask us about screw retained restorations with ASA, or any of our other services today.