Perfection is Not Optional


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Dr Christopher Barwacz, University of Iowa
# 8 & 9 Multi-layer zirconia
# 8 to 10 Ceramic Layered
CoCr Partial Bridge with ASA technology
Dr. David Hedgecoe
Upper Layered Ceramic Hybrid
Dr. David Hedgecoe & Dr. Gary Jones
Upper Ceramic Hybrid
Dr. David Hedgecoe& Gary Jones
Upper & Lower Ceramic Fixed Hybrids
Dr. David Hedgecoe
Full Rehabilitation, Combination Implant & Full Ceramics
Dr. Ibrahim Duqum
UNC Chapel Hill, DFP Full Ceramic Rehab
Dr. Stephen Hart
# 7 NobelProcera abutment with Full Ceramic
Dr. Mark Scurria
Full Upper PFM Layered Bridge on Atlantis Titanium Abutments
Dr. Geoffrey Cunningham
Implant supported CoCr Fixed Hybrid
Dr. David Hedgecoe
Ceramic Implant supported Fixed Hybrid
Dr. Lyndon Cooper
UNC Chapel Hill Upper Cementable Crowns on Implant Retained Bar
Dr. John Murrell
Implant Supported CoCr PFM Layered
Dr. David Hedgecoe
Upper CoCr Layered Fixed Hybrid
Dr. Geoffrey Cunningham
Cementable PFM over CAD Abutments
Dr. Chad Boustany
Upper Ceramic Implant Hybrid
Dr. Bouschell
UNC Chapel Hill – #10 e*max Zirconia Atlantis Abutment
Dr. Ed Kanoy & Laura Parra
PFM on Titanium Atlantis Abutments
Dr. Daniel Turnbull
#9 PFM on Titanium Atlantis Abutment
Dr. David Hedgecoe
#8 to 10 PFM Bridge on Titanium Procera Abutments
Dr. Carl Steger
NobelProcera CAD Abutments with PFM
Dr. Joel Wagoner
#23 to 25 PFM on Titanium Procera Abutments
Dr. Amy Gadol
# 12 e*max crown
UNC DFP Chapel Hill
Upper lower Rehab on Atlantis Abutments
UNC Chapel Hill DFP
# 4 to 14 PFM & e*max Combination
Dr. David Hedgecoe
Upper & Lower Ceramic Rehab
Dr. Mark Scurria
Upper & Lower Fixed Hybrid
Dr. Uday Reebye
Implant Supported   Acrylic Upper Fixed Hybrid
Dr. Boes – Triangle Family Dentistry   #8 Envision Zirconia Crown
Dr. David Hall
#’s 19 & 20 AdZir Monolithic Zirconia
Dr. David Hedgecoe
Upper Ceramic Rehab
Dr. Tim and Maureen Raczka
#’s 6 to 11 Implant supported PFM
Dr David Hedgecoe
# 8 -11 Implant retained Atlantis CoCr (ASA) layered ceramics