To Serve our Customers with Unquestioned Integrity while providing Dental Prosthetics of Unrivaled Quality and Aesthetics.
Honoring God with our Business and through the way we Conduct ourselves.
Building an Environment where our Employees can grow their Abilities to Serve our Customers and their patients with ABSOLUTE excellence.

Conrad J Rensburg

N.D & N.H.D In Tech
Owner & Head of Dental Implants
(919) 403-0604

Conrad Rensburg graduated from Pretoria Tech under full scholarship with a four-year Baccalaureate Degree in Dental Technology. He has specialized in fixed dental prosthetics with an emphasis on dental implant restorations since 1993. As a CE accredited speaker since 2002 for several U.S. dental implant companies, Mr. Rensburg has been the keynote speaker at special events across the U.S. His meetings focus on keeping restorative dentists up to date with the ever changing protocols associated with restoring today's implant systems. He focuses on CAD implant design protocols and fixed and removable hybrid implant supported restorative techniques.

Drew Van Aarde

N.D & N.H.D In Tech
Owner and Head of Dental Ceramics
(919) 403-0604

Drew Van Aarde studied Dental Technology at Pretoria Tech in South Africa from 1989 to 1992, where he earned a Baccalaureate Degree in Dental Technology. He has been restoring fixed dental prosthetics with an emphasis on high quality dental ceramics and has since then specialized in restoring large and complex oral rehabilitation cases. As Head of Dental Ceramics, Drew's vast experience with anterior ceramics brings a level of expertise to the Absolute Team that is unrivaled in the area and industry.



2601 Oakcrest Ave. Suite E

Greensboro, NC 27408

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3600 University Dr. 

Durham, NC 27707

844-293-ADS1 (2371) Toll Free

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2513 Delaney Ave.

Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: (910) 790-2071
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Charleston, SC

8780 Rivers Ave. Suite 206

North Charleston, SC 29406

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Hours: M-F 7:30 AM - 5 PM

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