Drew and I met in 1988 while studying for our Baccalaureate in Technology from Pretoria Tech in South Africa. In 1992 we furthered our studies by specializing in fixed dental prosthetics and each received a 4 year Bachelor’s degree from the same institution.

After owning my own lab, I relocated to the U.S. in 1999 and accepted employment with Absolute Dental as general manager and head of dental implants. Drew followed suit in 2000 and joined the team as senior ceramist. We purchased Absolute in 2004 and agreed if we were to continue with the Absolute name we would have it stand for one thing: unquestioned integrity.

In 2007, just as we thought things were running pretty well, I was diagnosed with an advanced stage of colo-rectal cancer. The ensuing battle with the disease caused us to not only re-access our personal lives but also gave us the opportunity to reinvent our company! In 2009 we wrote our mission statement and also started our non-profit, the Absolute Care Foundation. Our core vision of serving our customers with unquestioned integrity, quality products and exceptional service remained but we now wanted to do this with an emphasis on leaving a legacy!

Today we are proud to say the Absolute team, believing and supporting our vision, has created a truly special company! We serve our customers and their patients with one of the most experienced and artistic teams of ceramists and technicians in the industry. In addition, our Absolute team also continues to bless our community with life changing outreach projects!

Drew and I, as active members of the restorative team, have more than 55 years of technical and ceramic experience. In addition, our leadership team boasts more than 135 years of bench experience. With constant training and guidance from our experienced leadership team, we are able to share our knowledge and expertise! We, as the partners, believe in a true hands-on approach, and work side by side with our technicians on a daily basis!

I hope we may be remembered for what we did but I know we will never be forgotten for how we did it!

I hope you will continue writing this story with us, as part of our Absolute family!

Kindest Regards,