Lucitone 3D Carbon Printed Denture


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Technology without innovative materials is nothing but a feel-good lateral movement. For the longest time, we have frowned on the dreadful-looking printed dentures displayed on social media and could never justify the cost and time required to mill a denture base.

That was true only until Dentsply Sirona launched the new Carbon printed Lucitone 3D Digital polymer. This material is classified as a heat-activated smart polymer and with a linear-elastic fracture toughness of more than 3000 J/m2, it is twice as strong as Lucitone high impact acrylic and three times stronger than the minimum ISO strength standard for a denture. The IPN 3D Portrait teeth are fused, not bonded, into the base with a very innovative FDA-cleared 3D fusing system. The denture material is available in 5 Lucitone shades to satisfy every patient.

We truly believe we have just witnessed one of the most significant material advancements in removable technology, this very innovative material, combined with the exceptional printing results a Carbon printer produces, will have a profound impact on denture processing in the future.       



  • Traditional clinical workflow or use existing denture for expedited digital workflow

  • 12-month “no repair” replacement warranty

  • Back-up emergency copy denture $195

  • 24-hour expedited final delivery

  • 3 X the strength of a traditional high impact denture

  • 48-hour immediate denture turnaround

  • Immediate denture $275 from digital media


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Warranty Card

*Terms and Conditions.

Every Absolute, Carbon printed, Lucitone 3D denture is delivered with a one time "no repair" 12-month replacement warranty card. Warranty covers material failure (base crack, tooth failure or de-bonding) under normal function only. Signs of abuse voids warranty. Warranty only valid for one replacement within 12 months from date on warranty card. Old denture must be returned.
24 hour expedited turnaround available in select areas, please call before scheduling. Back up denture must be ordered within 7 days of final delivery for $195 price. 48-hour immediate denture turnaround from time digital file or time when models are received at Absolute Triangle location only. ISO strength standard as reported by Dentsply Sirona as 900 J/m².
Lucitone 3D Polymer at body temperature reported at 3000 J/m².