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Implant Retained Hybrids

Over the last decade, there has been an exponential increase in patient awareness and demand for these types of cases. Many articles address the restorative value of prosthetically driven surgical plans combined with guided surgery and a latched conversion process. Absolute offers a fully comprehensive solution to treating these complex cases with predictable outcomes. True predictability is the result of a well-planned and pre-surgical diagnostically designed case.

The Absolute NavaGation Precision Guidance® team uses this approved plan to design and fabricate surgical guides and a latched conversion. The entire process is done in-house to create a flawless workflow from planning to final delivery. Initial workflows were unpredictable and restoring a hybrid was a daunting task, often requiring five or more appointments. Technology has transformed the way we restore these hybrids, making this protocol one of the most predictable in a clinician’s arsenal. In the past, material options were limited to denture teeth wrapped with acrylic over a titanium frame or weak and unaesthetic zirconia. Because of the inherent weakness in an acrylic and titanium combination, those hybrids were processed with additional bulk which ultimately leads to cleansability challenges.

Today, innovative restorative technologies and superior material options are providing innovative solutions while answering most of the question’s clinicians had to deal with in the past.

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