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For every case we produce, we archive the design for future retrieval and remake purposes. If the patient needs to repair their digital denture, they get a 12-Month “no repair” full replacement warranty. Since it’s an existing case, it only takes 24 hours to recreate the denture. If the patient would like their denture redone, they can get their new denture at a reduced rate within the first

24-Month of first receiving it.


By using CAM/CAD (Computer-Aided Manufacturing/Computer-Aided Design) computing technology allows our dentists to fabricate dentures precisely to match the patient’s bite. This technology also provides an accurate fit to the patient’s mouth. This guarantees the denture will not become loose, fall out, or cause discomfort.


Our digital dentures are constructed from a

heat-activated smart polymer that’s exceedingly strong and incredibly durable. This material was launched by Dentsply Sirona and is called Lucitone 3D Digital polymer. Teeth are fused, not bonded, into the base with a very innovative FDA-cleared 3D fusing system. Fusing the teeth to the base this way ensures longevity of the denture. The material for the denture  is available in 5 Lucitone shades to satisfy every patient.


Digital dentures are produced significantly faster than traditional dentures. To begin this process the patient only needs to visit the dentist twice. Once to get the patient's impressions scanned to construct a 3D model. Then the second is to pick up their finished denture. This entire process takes 48 hours after the patient’s first initial visit with the dentist.

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